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What Every Driver Should Know About Their Airbag and SRS

Today's vehicles are safer and better designed than they've ever been. There are various techniques and designs provided to protect both drivers and passengers in a vehicle accident. Your airbags are a part of a rather complex system of sensors and computers called the Supplemental Restraint System, also known as SRS. These detectors are all over your vehicle. They calculate various things like where passengers are seated, how much they weigh, and the speed and direction of an impact of a crash.


The SRS computer considers all this information and determines if and when an airbag needs to be deployed. An airbag has to be inflated very promptly to offer maximum protection. However, the effects of it can be very damaging if deployed at the wrong time. That's why the SRS computer will do its best to trigger the airbag in only life-threatening circumstances. Severe, direct, side, and front collisions and vehicle rollovers are more likely to expand your airbags.

There are several things that every driver should know about their airbags, especially if they've never encountered one firsthand. One circumstance you may find is if the SRS or airbag dash light stays on. Whenever this happens, it means you need to have your system checked. Also, after the deployment of your airbags, you will need to have them replaced. Additionally, when an airbag gets used, some or all of its sensors may be pre-triggered, meaning they can go off at any time. Simply crashing into a pothole or curb could set off an airbag. So, please make sure all SRS sensors are appropriately replaced after it has been deployed. 


Only a qualified repair shop with certified professionals should work on your SRS system. And we believe that One Stop Auto Care is suitable for that kind of job. We are always looking out for our clients' safety! For airbag and SRS repairs, please do not hesitate to call or visit us today!