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An Ultimate Guide to a Fun & Safe Tailgate

Whether you are a Rams or Chargers fan, tailgating is a fall staple. It's a great time to gather friends, families, and others with the same game spirit for hours before your favorite sports team plays. Following a few words of advice can go a long way toward keeping your celebration fun and free of any dangers. 


Safe Driving Tips - When arriving at the stadium, you'll notice the stadiums' surroundings crowded with fans firing up their grills, eating, and drinking from the back of their cars, vans, trucks, or RVs. We advise that you take special care when driving around and through the tailgate crowds that often spill over into driving lanes. 

  • Please reduce your speed and watch for children and adults. 
  • Always stop for pedestrians.
  • Have a designated driver or plan for after the game
  • Pay attention to any glass or other sharp objects when moving about the tailgate area. You don't want a flat tire on the way home.

Food Safety Tips - It's not a tailgate without good food. Even if food items are brought in coolers, they can sit out on tables for an extended time, increasing the risk of spoilage. Here are some more rules of tailgating food safety tips:

  • Pack any raw meats separately in a cooler and keep them stored until they're ready to go on the grill. Also, please know your cooked meats' desirable temperature.
  • Keep knives, tongs, and other utensils clean. Do not cross-contaminate.
  • Remember to wash your hands before and after touching raw meat.

Grill/Fire Safety - Following safe grill handling is another priority for your pre-game celebration. It goes without saying that anytime you use one of these, you'll need fire. With fire comes several responsibilities:

  • Please have a fire extinguisher or anything to put out a fire just in case of an emergency.
  • Remember to turn it off after use.
  • Pack a first aid kit in case someone gets any minor burns or cuts.

Outdoor Safety - Finally, it's essential to stay safe against the natural elements of being outside for a tailgate. 

  • Remember to wear your sunscreen if you're spending hours outdoors. 
  • Bring and drink lots of water! You don't want to become dehydrated and pass out before a game starts.

We hope some of these tips help in improving your safety at your next football game! If you want to be extra cautious, feel free to come in for a pre-game/pre-trip inspection. Our technicians at One Stop Auto Care are always looking out for your safety! Visit our shop in Los Angeles, CA, today.