We Are Open!

One Stop Auto Care is OPEN and here to help! We are taking precautionary measures in our facility to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. We hope you and your families are safe and healthy and want you to know we are in this together.

Our Mission | One Stop Auto Care

One Stop Auto Care opened for business in 1989 on Eagle Rock Blvd in Los Angeles.

We started our auto repair business with very little money, but with a lot of love and hope. For the all of these years, we have worked hard six days a week to serve and help every customer to the best of our abilities get. We have based our business on a family model for over 25 years we have taken pride in taking care of Southern California cars and their owners.

We believe that every customer is valued friend who deserves our undivided attention and dedicated service. Each customer is treated with kindness, fairness and respect.

We believe in saving you money.

Our auto mechanic technicians are skilled professionals, capable of handling the most difficult auto repairs and auto service. In addition to excellent service, we hope to save you and your loved ones money through regular maintenance. We make regular care a priority in order to prevent costly repairs for our customers in the future. We want to see you coming in for maintenance services and not being pulled in by a tow truck. A tow truck means only bad things for you: a lot of inconvenience, a lot more expense, and less than ideal safety condition while driving. We never want to see youstranded on the side of the road!

Why do we believe in maintenance for our customers?

We love our customers. We want the best for you and proper regular maintenance is far better for you than large scale repairs. Maintenance is schedulable, repairs usually are not. Maintenance is affordable, repairs are often very expensive compared to the maintenance that prevents them. Maintenance doesn’t require a tow truck and unexpected stress unlike some repairs. Maintenance means less inconvenience and stress because your vehicle can be in and out quicker. Maintenance also increases your car’s resale value, extends its life and it allows you to choose when you’re trading in your car, rather than being forced to when you face a big repair bill.

We have enjoyed continued growth throughout the years for one good reason: We treat our customers like we treat our family!

Full Service Auto Repair and Maintenance

We are a full service auto repair shop and can handle your auto repair, auto maintenance, smog inspections, tires and body work needs. We have invested heavily in the training, equipment and resources that allow our ASE Certified Technicians do the job right the first time. Some companies cut so many corners in these ways that they resort to guessing on which part will fix the problem. It may be cheaper for those shops in the short run, but in the long run it costs everyone more money. We love seeing our customers come in, but for the right reasons – not because of poor quality standards.

We’re So Confident We Give a 2 Year Warranty!

While most shops have a repair warranty that is only a few days or months, we easily provide you with a much longer warranty on our repairs. Because of the quality of parts and fluids we use, the high skill level of our auto mechanic technicians and the diagnostic resources we employ, we can make our warranty much longer.

Our Peace of Mind repair warranty is a 2 year or 24,000 miles for most repairs and services.