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5 Things That Can Hurt Your Car's Transmission

It doesn't take a car expert to know that transmission issues are timely and expensive and can significantly worsen in a short amount of time if gone unnoticed. In other words, if you suspect you have a transmission problem, please bring your vehicle to One Stop Auto Care as soon as possible. You can take preventative measures to prevent transmission problems from ever arising. Many of them start with poor driving habits and negligence. 

Not entirely stopping before shifting gears

If you have an automatic transmission, you need to come to a complete stop before switching from a forward gear to reverse and vice versa. Shifting gears too quickly when your vehicle is still in motion can cause damage; there is a spinning coupling mechanism that can prematurely fail from those harsh changes.

Never using the parking brake

When you don't engage your parking brake (also known as the emergency brake or e-brake), you can put additional stress on your transmission as it tries to hold your car in place. You especially need to do it if you often park on sloping hills.

Running on too low on transmission fluid

Too low of any fluid can be a threat to your vehicle's health. Running too low on this liquid can cause gear slippage or worse. This is why mechanics often stress the importance of checking your transmission fluid so that you can better detect leaks and know when to have it changed or flushed.

Being too rough on your brakes and acceleration pedal

Being easier on your acceleration and brakes will help you attain a higher MPG, but it will also prevent transmission troubles from arising.

Neglecting transmission maintenance

Just like all your other vehicle systems, the transmission requires regular maintenance. Transmission maintenance should never be delayed; otherwise, there's a greater chance that it will experience increased friction, causing the transmission's parts to wear down faster.


If you need transmission repairs in the Los Angeles, CA area, please be sure to bring your vehicle to our reputable shop. You can contact the specialists at One Stop Auto Care at (323) 543-7422 if you have any questions or want to make an appointment.