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Why Does My Car Need An Oil Filter?

As your motor runs, dirt and other contaminants can get into the oil. The oil circulates through the fluid lines and through the oil filter, where the filth is captured. Over time, this oil filter can eventually get clogged up — so much so that oil cannot flow freely through the filter and into your engine. Consequently, it can overwork your machine and put it at risk of overheating.  


Consequences of Running on a Dirty Oil Filter

  1. Lack of engine performance
  2. Engine sputtering
  3. Metallic sounds from the engine
  4. Exhaust smoke
  5. Dropping engine oil pressure
  6. High risk of engine overheating

Most manufacturers suggest changing the filter with every oil change, which is why it is important to get a filter to match your oil and vehicle's needs. A standard capacity oil filter usually lasts several months and thousands of miles/kilometers before the change. However, whenever drivers upgrade or switch to synthetic oil, it's best to get a filter to match the longevity of synthetic oil.


If you have any questions about motor oil types and filters, you can always depend on the automotive professionals at One Stop Auto Care. Furthermore, we can inform you regarding your oil change intervals and give you maintenance reminders when needed. Our technicians will make sure that your oil filter is always matched with the performance of your oil so that you can operate a smooth and safe ride. 


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