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What is 30/60/90K Vehicle Maintenance?

It is no surprise that there is maintenance that should be carried out on a regular basis when purchasing a car. There are many people that do not understand that there should be scheduled maintenance. This schedule has the nickname of 30/60/90 maintenance. This means every 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles, specific maintenance should be performed.

It is typical for car owners to use their manual to set up their car maintenance schedule. Inside are two different schedules. One is labeled as "regular" and the other is "severe". You might not even think that your car falls under the severe schedule, but if you do a lot of stop and go traffic, idling, short commutes of about five miles, drive with heavier type loads, or live in dusty, hot, or freezing environments, then it is important to follow the severe schedule.

Preventative Car Maintenance

There are four major types of maintenance that are identified, they are corrective, risk-based, condition-based, and preventative. Out of all four, preventative car maintenance is way more important. It will ensure that other maintenance is not needed, or at least rarely needed.

Preventative maintenance offers you help by identifying any new problems early on in the life of the car. Doing this will help keep the value of the car where it should be. Ignoring preventative maintenance will not only lower the value but will also cause your vehicle to have a shorter life span.


This type of maintenance also offers the changing of oils and filters, topping off or replacing the fluids like coolant, brake, and transmission. They also will replace the plug wires, as well as the spark plugs, and rotate your tires. The hoses and the belts are also checked or replaced. This means your car's life is extended and will ensure it is running at optimal performance.

Scheduling Your Car Maintenance

It is super important to watch your mileage. When you see your mileage reaching the 30/60/90 maintenance mark, you should get ahold of us soon to make your appointment. We will ensure that we get you in and get your car out fast with the best service available. If you are in need of factory maintenance, we would be happy to help. Bring in your car to our shop today!