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What Can Cause Your Car to Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

The smell of rotten eggs is unbearable and unpleasant to everyone. It is not a smell you would expect to get in your car. If you smell rotten eggs in your vehicle and are sure you did not forget any eggs there, there must be a serious problem.

The smell of rotten eggs comes from a compound known as sulfur or hydrogen sulfide. Usually, the hydrogen sulfide gets converted to odorless sulfur dioxide. But, when something within the vehicle's exhaust system breaks, the smell of rotten eggs gets produced.

Here are the main reasons why your car smells like rotten eggs.

Failing Fuel Pressure Regulator or Dirty Fuel Filter

If the fuel pressure sensor fails, the catalytic converter ends up getting clogged with excessive oil. The large amounts of oil prevent the catalytic converter from converting the hydrogen sulfide and processing the exhaust byproducts. This leads to the production of the rotten egg smell.

If the byproducts are not processed, they may build up within the converter, causing it to overheat and produce an awful smell. A dirty or worn-out fuel filter can also cause similar problems.

Old Transmission Fluid

If your vehicle is running on old transmission fluid, the fluid may start leaking into other components, causing the scent of the rotten eggs. You should regularly change the transmission fluid as per the manufacturer's recommendation. If you suspect any leaks, be sure to contact your mechanic.

A Broken or Failing Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is an essential component of the emission system. It ensures that combustion gases get converted into harmless and odorless gas before they get emitted from your vehicle. A failing catalytic converter means that the harmful gases such as sulfur do not get converted, thus the rotten eggs odor.

If you smell the rotten eggs odor, an air freshener is not enough to get rid of the smell. As soon as you sense the smell, contact a vehicle expert to check it out. It might be a minor issue or a severe issue, but whichever it is, it might save you the cost of further repairs.

If you need catalytic converter repair, give our auto repair shop a call today!