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Things You Should Never Do to Your Car

The goal is always to keep your car driving safely and efficiently. Most drivers know to get their oil changed, tires rotated, and brakes changed. However, there are a few car things you should never do to your vehicle if you hope for it to run for the next few years to come. Below is a small list of things not to do if you plan on keeping your car long term:

Overfill your tires
Overfilling your tires can cause premature tire wear and cause a rougher ride. Always use the recommended tire pressure for your specific vehicle; this can be found on the driver’s door frame.

Drive if your oil light is on
If your engine oil light illuminates, this is a sign it’s no longer safe to drive. The light usually indicates that the engine oil is low or ultimately out altogether. If it’s too soon for your oil levels to be low, it could indicate a leak.

Use dishwashing liquid to wash your car
Dishwashing liquid has an excellent formula for food and grease stuck on plates, but not so good on car paint. Dishwashing liquid can end up stripping off the wax and essential oils in car paint, leaving your precious vehicle dull.

Don’t smoke or vape near the gas pumps
This is a pretty big no-brainer but as a reminder, no smoking of any kind near gas. It’s highly flammable.

Ignore rust accumulation
Rust is an easy one to ignore and hold until later. However, that’s always a bad idea. Rust is always worse than how it appears and should be taken care of as soon as possible. If you catch rust in its early stages, the repair would be quick and less expensive.

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