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Shocks vs Struts

Suspension and road imperfections such as potholes and speed bumps can cause a rough and bumpy ride for a driver. If your suspension system is in faulty shape, your drive can become uncomfortable and unsafe. A vehicle’s suspension system is important and consists of many parts including the shocks and struts. Shocks and struts are frequently used interchangeably. They serve the same general purpose of making your ride smoother. However, they aren’t entirely the same. What are the differences between shocks and struts? 

Shock absorptions are the suspension system component that prevents the vehicle from excessive bouncing and swaying when it encounters uneven road surfaces. The shocks keep the drive smooth by managing the movement of the suspension. 

Struts are the structural elements of the suspension and support the weight of a vehicle. Proper functioning struts enhance a vehicle’s maneuverability and ensure it has adequate control. Without struts, a vehicle’s tires can fall flat to the ground. 

Over time, shocks and struts absorb huge spring oscillations for thousands of miles. Understandably, shocks and struts are not expected to last the entire lifetime of a vehicle. Shocks and struts are wear items that eventually need to be replaced. The shocks and struts should be replaced every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. What are the signs that the shocks or struts need to be replaced? 

Unusual tire wear
If the shocks and struts have gone bad, they won’t adequately control the numerous spring oscillations. This will cause the wheel and tire assembly to bounce more than usual, leading to high and low tire tread throughout the tire. 

Clunking Noise
There may be unusual sounds coming from your vehicle that are more pronounced when traveling over bumps or potholes. 

Fluid leaks
Many mechanical issues can cause leaks. In rare cases, if there are shocks or struts are blown, hydraulic fluid may leak out. 

A rough drive
If the drive is bumpier than usual, the shocks or struts may be damaged.

Bad wheel alignment
Struts manage the structural integrity of a vehicle. If the struts aren’t in good condition, a vehicle’s wheel alignment can get thrown off.

Shock or Strut Replacement in Los Angeles, CA
If you notice issues with your shocks or struts, don’t wait to have them inspected. While damaged shocks may cause an uncomfortable ride, damaged struts can cause a dangerous one. One Stop Auto Care has over 20 years in the automotive repair industry with ASE certified master technicians. We are the suspension system experts who pride ourselves in fixing your vehicle right the first time. Come and visit us, or click here to schedule an appointment here.