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Why Are My Turn Signals Not Working?

Your blinkers' main function is to communicate to other people on the road that you are turning or changing lanes. Malfunctioning blinkers is a serious hazard that can increase your risk of getting in an accident, especially in a big city like Los Angeles. In fact, a study constructed by the Society of Automotive Engineers found that failure to use turn signals accounts for more than 2M vehicle accidents every year. If you find out that your vehicle has turn signal issues, find a mechanic to diagnose the issue and fix the problem immediately. 


Common Causes of Turn Signal Problems

Sadly, many different things can provoke a turn signal to malfunction. So, if you want to identify the cause, then One Stop Auto Care can do the troubleshooting. Here are the five most popular sources of a turn signal problem:


Dead Light Bulb

The first thing that should be checked is the life of the light bulb. A dead bulb is one of the more common problems that will cause your blinkers to burn out. If this is the issue for you, then all you need is to get a replacement. Utility signal lights usually last a few years, but they can die quicker depending on usage.


Disruption On Bulb Sockets

Oxidation occurs on different parts of the car, and it is expected from wear and tear. However, if you don’t prevent or catch it right away, it can affect your turn signal. The chemical composition of rust can disrupt the contact in the blinker socket and the bulb. The buildup obstructs the circuit and causes the blinker to malfunction. Rust isn’t the only problem either - debris can also block the connection. So, you must make sure that you regularly clean your car.


Blinker Switch Broken

The turn signal switch is usually to the left of the steering wheel and is the device that corresponds to your lights. A defective signal switch can’t send a signal to the blinkers to work. Sometimes the problem may be traced back to the wiring or in the controller itself. If it is the switch, then it’s likely getting stuck in position from the clock-spring. This situation requires a trained professional to fix it.


Blown Out Fuse

A blown fuse will completely shut down all the power to your vehicle’s light system. So, if your turn signal blew a fuse, then you will need to replace it to start it again.


If you are experiencing issues with your blinkers, come by One Stop Auto Care so our certified mechanics can evaluate and repair your lights.