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What Is a Car Safety and Emissions Inspection?

Owning a vehicle means regular maintenance, and one inspection that everybody has to go through occasionally is a car safety and emissions inspection. However, maybe you're a new car owner and have never gone through such an inspection. What should you expect? Do you need to prepare for this inspection in any way? And lastly, what even is this inspection?


To put it simply, a qualified professional will examine and test your vehicle during such an inspection to make sure that your vehicle isn't emitting a large number of toxins or anything into the atmosphere. The requirements for your car are set by the government and ensures that cars aren't emitting more pollution than is the legally-allowed amount.

The safety part of the inspection is a little more self-explanatory. Basically, your car will be inspected to make sure it's safe to drive. They'll check your engine, your undercarriage, and the rest of it to make sure there are no glaring flaws that need to be addressed. A car safety inspection is mandatory for good reason. The government doesn't want citizens driving around in cars that are hazardous to the environment and general populace - or you, the one driving them!


For a care safety inspection, you don't really need to prepare in any way if you know that everything is up to snuff in your vehicle. However, if you think there might be problems that need to be addressed in order to pass your inspection, then it's recommended you take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic before the inspection. That way, any kinks or problems you might have can be remedied before the inspection ever happens.

We recommend going to a mechanic not because we doubt your ability to fix your vehicle yourself, but because we doubt you have all the required tools to safely test your emissions and the like yourself. 

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