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Have Your Brakes Inspected for Brake Safety Awareness Month!

Haven’t you heard? This month is brake safety awareness month. To celebrate, we are inviting you to our auto repair shop for a thorough brake system inspection. There are many pieces at play when it comes to your braking system. All of the following components work together to ensure your car slows down and stops properly: brake pads, brake rotors, caliper assembly, master cylinder, brake fluid, hoses, and more.


We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep up with the brake services recommended by your automaker. Your braking system should be checked by professional technicians. At One Stop Auto Care is equipped to handle all your braking needs. Below are some of the signs of weakness that we check for:

  • Odd Sounds: Squealing, grinding, and clicking are all audible cues that indicate trouble when it comes to your brake system. More often than not, they are your brake pads’ wear indicators.
  • Low or Soft Pedal: If the brake pedal is loose and gets pushed all the way to the floor, it means that you may have a problem with your brake cylinder. It may also be a brake fluid problem.
  • Hard Pedal: If it takes a great amount of pressure when pressing the brake pedal, the problem can be traced back to the brake booster or vacuum pump. It is best to have a mechanic check this out.
  • Random Vibration: If the brake pedal shakes, along with the steering wheel or seat, while pressing down on the brake pedal, your brake rotors are likely warped. You will need to have them resurfaced or replaced to fix the problem.


If you experience any of the following symptoms above, please reach out to our brake experts immediately. Brake issues should be taken seriously, so please give the team at One Stop Auto Care a call or fill out our online form to schedule your braking system inspection today!