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What Are the Different Types of Engine Oil

Oil changes are the number one most important (and most frequent) maintenance service that every vehicle owner needs. This lubricant is in charge of keeping your engine lubricated and absorbing excess heat to prevent overheating. Though most motor oil serves the same purpose, there are several kinds—the three types of oil are synthetic, semi-synthetic, or conventional oil. At One Stop Auto Care, our trained technicians can give you a consultation and suggest which type is most suitable for your vehicle. 



Synthetic oil is chemically created in a science lab to be more consistent in formula and high-performing. It is incredibly effective at reducing friction and withstanding scorching temperatures. Its chemical composites benefit your vehicle by enhancing fuel economy and, in some cases, increasing horsepower. Synthetic oil is usually prescribed for cars that demand peak-level performance. The biggest advantage of using synthetic oil is its long-lasting properties; synthetic oil can last you between 10,000 to 20,000 miles before each change. Consequently, synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil. Nevertheless, you could be saving money by the less frequent oil changes.



Semi-synthetic oil is a blend of both synthetic and traditional base oil. It has various properties of full synthetic oil but at a lower price point. With additives, it can also help resist oxidation and improve performance in high temperatures. Motorists can expect to run about 7,500 miles between each change of semi-synthetic. This type of oil is also utilized when making the transition from conventional to fully synthetic oil.



This type of oil is the most traditional and comes in different qualities. Conventional oil is the cheapest oil of the 3, and it is supported for older-model vehicles with less complicated engines. You can expect the change interval for conventional oil to be anywhere between 3,000 to 5,000 miles.


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