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3 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your View of the Road Clear

Driving this time of year can be a little difficult with the sun setting early and rising later. Plus, let’s not forget about the holiday traffic that will be coming around LA In the upcoming months. That is why your visibility as a driver is more important now than ever. Not only do you need to see the road ahead, but you want other motorists to see you too. Here are 3 ways you can improve your visibility!
1) Check Your Heater and Defroster
While you may ask, “what does the heat have to do with this”. Your defroster is crucial in clearing up foggy windows caused by drastic temperature changes. If your windshield surface keeps fogging up, you should check to see if the system is working correctly. 
2) Test Headlights, Tail Lights, Fog Lights, & more!
Your vehicle has various lights that keep your vehicle’s surroundings bright even on the darkest nights. Furthermore, your headlights and fog lights can make driving in foggy conditions or rainy conditions a little easier, regardless of the time of day. You may need a light restoration if the light lens is oxidized. Additionally, we can replace your headlights and taillights at One Stop Auto Care when the bulbs go out.
3) Replace Windshield Wipers
Last but not least, you will need a good pair of windshield wiper blades to clear your windshield when you can’t see. If you want to ensure your safety during inclement weather, make sure you replace these every6 -12 months. Additionally, don’t forget to top off on wiper fluid. The replacement for these is easy, quick, and cheap!

At our auto repair shop, we aim to maximize your comfort, safety, and visibility with simple maintenance. If you are looking for auto maintenance, please call or visit the local experts at One Stop Auto Care today