• Time for Differential Service at Over 20 Years Experience?

    Sunday 23 July 2017

    Hello Los Angeles - let's talk differentials. If you have a rear-wheel drive vehicle, your differential is on the back axle. With front-wheel drive cars, the differential is up front. All-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive vehicles have three differentials - front, rear and in the middle. So you see, you've got a differential (or two or three) and it needs service now and then.What does your vehicle differential do? Well, it compensates for the differences in speed between yo... read more

  • Over 20 Years Experience Alternator Replacement Service in Los Angeles

    Sunday 16 July 2017

    Your vehicle alternator doesn't get enough credit. Though your battery gets your engine started, after that – it's all about the alternator.  Driving around Los Angeles is a lot of work for your alternator, and as upgrades such as heated steering wheels, cooled seats, stability control and lane departure warning become more common, it will have to work even harder. Eventually this workhorse just wears out. When it does you have no choice but to order an alternator replace... read more

  • Over 20 Years Experience Brake Service for Safe Stopping in Los Angeles

    Monday 10 July 2017

    Let's talk about something critical for all Los Angeles drivers: your brakes. Your vehicle is heavy, and it takes a lot of muscle to bring it and your passengers to a safe stop – so everything needs to be in good working order. Here's an explanation on how your disc brakes work: The wheel hub keeps your wheel attached to your vehicle. The brake disc – or rotor – is attached to the hub and rota... read more

  • The Over 20 Years Experience Guide to Proper Fluids for Your Vehicle

    Monday 03 July 2017

    The automotive professionals at Over 20 Years Experience would like to give Los Angeles drivers an update on some of the things happening in automotive fluids. You know, vehicles are becoming more sophisticated every day.  Fluids such as, oil, coolant and transmission fluid are becoming more specialized at about the same pace.The Los Angeles do-it-yourselfer has to be pretty careful so that they do not actually harm their vehicle with the wro... read more

  • Ask Over 20 Years Experience: What Happens When a Serpentine Belt Breaks?

    Tuesday 27 June 2017

    The serpentine belt is aptly named since it snakes around under your hood. It may lack its namesake's fangs, but it sure packs a wallop when it breaks.The serpentine belt powers a lot of engine systems. It runs the alternator, which charges the battery; the water pump (on some vehicles), which cools the engine; the air conditioning, which cools the driver and passengers; and the power steering pump, which allows for easier steering. When the belt breaks, all of these systems shut down.Okay, so m... read more

  • Automotive Tips from Over 20 Years Experience: When to Replace a Damaged Tire

    Tuesday 20 June 2017

    Repair or Replace? That’s a question Los Angeles drivers ask when they have tire damage. Some punctures cannot be repaired because of their size or location. Punctures larger than a quarter of an inch (6.4 mm) are considered too large to be safely repaired. Punctures in the sidewall or near the shoulders may not be able to be repaired. And sometimes there is internal damage revealed on inspection that indicates the tire should not be repaired. Run flat tires should no... read more

  • Over 20 Years Experience Advice: Don't Overlook These 10 Automotive Services

    Tuesday 13 June 2017

    Organization is the key to managing a busy life in California . So setting up an annual calendar for vehicle care can keep Los Angeles residents on top of preventive maintenance. But you can't just write “oil change” every few months on the calendar. Modern vehicles have many systems that are vital to the safe operation of a vehicle, and they all need to be inspected. Los Angeles residents can't afford to overlook any of them.The following is a list of preventive maintenanc... read more

  • Change Your Engine Air Filter at Over 20 Years Experience

    Tuesday 06 June 2017

    Many Los Angeles car owners have probably wondered: "What's the harm in putting off replacing an engine air filter? The answer is that not replacing it could cause your Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor to fail. This expensive sensor is situated between your engine air filter and your engine. Dirty air filters are a leading cause of mass air flow sensor failure – and these babies can cost several hundred dollars to replace in Los... read more

  • Serpentine Belt Service at Over 20 Years Experience in Los Angeles

    Thursday 01 June 2017

    If you've ever heard a squealing sound under your vehicle hood, chances are it was your serpentine belt. More importantly, the belt powers the alternator. The alternator creates electricity that's used by your vehicle's electrical systems and also charges the battery. Without the alternator, the battery will go dead after a short distance.The serpentine belt may also run the pumps for both the power steering (some are electric) and power brakes (some use vacuum boost).And, on most vehi... read more

  • Have You Checked Your Headlights?

    Tuesday 23 May 2017

    Like everything in the California automotive market, there have been great strides in headlight technology in recent years. California drivers can be safer at night because of it. Good headlights improve visibility on Los Angeles roads, enabling you to see farther. They also improve your peripheral vision, helping you to see the sides more clearly. The more you can see, the more quickly you can react to road conditions. This is because nearly half of traffic fatalities ta... read more

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